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Citta Fatorma has faced immense challenges since the passing of her husband in their Dwarzark community. As a widow, she has had to take on the full responsibility of providing for her family. Recognizing the constraints of her situation, with the help of JNJF Citta showed grit and determination by starting a small roadside kiosk business. From this humble enterprise, she has worked tirelessly to sustain her loved ones. Through her efforts running the kiosk, Citta has ensured her family can get basic necessities and stay afloat during this difficult time. Despite the hardships that came with loss, Citta has not let it defeat her spirit.

In addition to caring for her own, Citta has also supported her fellow widows in Dwarzark. Those facing similar circumstances have been able to turn to her for help. Citta understands the struggles of their position and does what she can to lessen the burden on others. Through selfless giving, she sets an example of strength for those coping with the challenges of loss. In the face of immense constraints following the death of her husband, Citta Fatorma continues to persevere with resilience and compassion for her community. Her dedication is inspiring to all those facing hardship in Dwarzark.

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This is the type of women we need in our society, women who doesn't give in to their grief but fight hard to overcome and grow


She is an incredible women she is an inspiration to others

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