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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

By Breakthrough M. Alpha

Thirteen year old Kadiatu Kabbia, last daughter of a vulnerable stone miner widow Mabinty, received school support from the Jamil and Nyanga Jaward Foundation. Their story was captured in Hidden Voices Magazine Issue 12. The story proves that the poor kid is going through hell even when she is still on earth. Kadiatu and her family make their living from stone mining and they do not have enough to spare that will pay her school charges. Because of the abject poverty of Kadiatu's Family, the mother decided to send one of Kadiatu's siblings to a friend for upbringing. This and much other crisis have been ravaging their family and our foundation reached out to them on the 23rd of January 2023 with a good tiding. A team that constitutes Edwina Sesay and Cornelia Thompson handed a sum of money that will cover the school uniform, bag, a pair of shoes, belt, a school cap, and other school charges paid to the principle of Russel Technical Secondary School for Kadiatu's school expenses. The family of Kadiatu Kabbia was mixed with joy and tears for such help and prayed for more provision for the foundation so that they can continue their good deeds. According to them, it is one in a million to see an organization such as JNJF that is selfless and prioritizes human interest.

As a foundation, we are not just interested in bringing the stories of the less privileged but we are also obliged to proffer solutions.

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