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In a proactive move towards improving the efficiency and impact of its humanitarian initiatives, the Jamil and Nyanga Jaward Foundation has launched a thorough verification and re-registration exercise for widows and impoverished children in six communities less privileged communities in Freetown. This exercise is important in supporting some of society’s most vulnerable widows and impoverished children across these communities

Mr. Kabineh Bengeh, the program manager, emphasized the significance of this exercise, stating that it is designed to cleanse the data of beneficiaries, enabling the foundation to implement more concise and targeted assistance. "This initiative will provide invaluable insights into the exact number of beneficiaries, their current status, the nature of assistance they are receiving, and the specific improvements they require. Furthermore, it will shed light on the status of their children and how the foundation's interventions have positively impacted their lives," Bengeh explained.

The comprehensive database being developed by the foundation will serve as a crucial tool for informed decision-making and strategic planning, facilitating the design and execution of programs that precisely meet the needs of widows and impoverished children.

Aruna A Kamara, a field staff member of the foundation, shared updates on the progress of the exercise. "We have successfully engaged with widows for the verification and re-registration process in Congo Town and Crab Town. Our team is actively engaging with the authorities in the remaining communities to coordinate and execute this vital initiative," Kamara reported.

He added, "The foundation is committed to transparency and accountability in its operations. This database will streamline our efforts and enhance our ability to respond promptly to the unique challenges each beneficiary faces."

Agnes Wagay, one of the widows residing in Congo, expressed her delight about the ongoing exercise. "I am grateful that the foundation is taking the time to understand our challenges. This will undoubtedly help them tailor their assistance to our specific needs, ensuring that the support provided is both meaningful and effective.’’

The commitment of the Jamil and Nyanga Jaward Foundation to improving the lives of widows and impoverished children is evident in this meticulous verification and re-registration exercise. The initiative not only reflects the foundation's dedication to transparency and accountability but also demonstrates a sincere effort to make a lasting impact on the communities it serves. This demonstrates the importance of data-driven strategies in delivering impactful and sustainable aid to those in need.

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