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Kadiatu Kamara sighed as she slowly hobbled around her small home in Kroo Bay, Sierra Leone. As a widow with six children to care for, every day brought new struggles. But none were more painful than the large ulcer on her right foot, which had tormented her for over a year.

The sore refused to heal, and Kadiatu had lost count of how many times she had awakened in the night, crying out in agony from the searing pain that shot through her leg. Just moving about the house left her exhausted and limping. How could she possibly continue to provide for her family like this?

It seemed her troubles would never end. But then one day, hope arrived in the form of two visitors from the Jamil and Nyanga Jaward Foundation. They had heard of Kadiatu's plight and wanted to offer assistance.

After examining her infected foot, the foundation reassured Kadiatu that she was in good hands. "We're going to make sure you get the medical care you need," they promised. Under the foundation's care, Kadiatu began regular treatments to cleanse and dress the wound. She was also able to get proper nutrition to aid her recovery.

Slowly but surely, Kadiatu began to feel her strength returning. Within a few short months, the ulcer had fully healed, leaving new skin in its place. For the first time in over a year, she was pain-free. Jamil and Nyanga Foundation had given her not just physical relief but also renewed hope for the future.

Now able to work without limping, Kadiatu regained her livelihood with blessings of good health. She was profoundly grateful to the foundation that had provided a helping hand in her greatest time of need. Thanks to their compassion, this strong mother could once again care for her children - and stand proudly on her own two feet.

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