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The Jamil Nyanga Jaward Foundation has expanded its impactful Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) program to empower widows in Congo Town, a marginalised community in Freetown. This expansion significantly uplifts local widows by providing them with vital financial tools and knowledge to overcome economic challenges and support their families.

Congo Town, identified as a critical intervention area by the foundation, warmly welcomed the initiative with anticipation and gratitude. The widows in the community, who face daily struggles, view the program as a beacon of hope. Agness Waggay, the community's chairwoman, sincerely appreciated the foundation's unwavering support.

Hawa Bintu Dauda, a field staff member of the foundation and one of the trainers, highlighted the substantial impact of the initial training sessions. "After weeks of training, the widows now have a strong understanding of how the program works and show great potential for success," Dauda explained. This initiative is crucial for enabling widows to take control of their financial and economic development.

The VSLA program fosters financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, and self-reliance among widows, empowering them to build savings and access microloans. This empowerment move aims to improve individual economic stability and drive the socio-economic development of Congo Town, fostering a cycle of empowerment and resilience within the community.

As the Jamil Nyanga Jaward Foundation continues to extend its reach, the positive impact on vulnerable communities like Congo Town underscores the transformative power of grassroots initiatives in fostering sustainable development and economic independence.

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