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Light-up A Rural Village Project

The households in unelectrified and under electrified villages in Sierra Leone use kerosene as a source of energy for lighting. Our aim is to provide electricity to those households basically for lighting by replacing the kerosene lanterns with solar lighting devices. This will provide better illumination and kerosene‐smoke‐free indoor environment thereby enhancing productivity and quality village artisans, cottage industries, schools, facilitate education of their children and improve lifestyle.

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light up 1.jpg


The project will install a minimum of 50 self-contained solar lights, solar street lights and solar charging stations. Lights will be installed in public buildings, places of worship, and homes of individuals and several solar street lights installed in public spaces. 

Access to electricity and lighting is a fundamental requirement for human dignity and generally accepted as a basic need essential to contemporary human survival. The project supports the government’s Sustainable Development Goal number 7, providing access to affordable and clean energy.

Impact of the project will be as follows:

1. Improved safety and security by eliminating the use of potentially dangerous candles, open flame, or kerosene lamps.

2. Improve education by extending study hours at night safely.

3. Help improve family finances by eliminating purchase of kerosene or candles.


Jamil and Nyanga Jaward Foundation kicked off its Light -A- Rural Village project in December 2020 with the first installation completed in April 2021. Benduma village in Moyamba District, Sierra Leone benefitted from 50 Integrated solar panel, battery and lights, communal street lights and a charging station for 8 phones.

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