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Back Pack Scheme

Children all around Sierra Leone struggle with being able to attend school, due to either not being able to find the resources, not being able to afford to go or being forced to look after their siblings or even having to work!



Our mission is to help the poverty stricken areas of Sierra Leone by providing children with the means to go to school regularly and achieve a full education to better prepare them for the future ahead and put them in a better position to provide for themselves and their future families.

One of the ways we do this is by providing children with backpacks, school equipment ensuring that they have the means to receive a strong education from their local schools.

Some of the things we collect and send include but aren't limited to bags, school supplies, toys, uniforms, toiletries and even shoes.


We have undergone multiple different backpack schemes across Sierra Leone including our most successful one in April 2019 where we provided over 1000 backpacks to deprived families in small villages around Sierra Leone.


What We Do

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