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Kiosk Project

Widows around Sierra Leone struggle tremendously after being taken out of education at young ages and forces to marry often leaves women completely dependant on their husband to provide for them and the family.

When widowed these women are left with no skills or education on how to provide for them selves and their family leaving them having to rely on the mercy of other villages to help and provide them with food.

Our kiosk initiative provides small villages with their own shops, ran by widows and impoverished families we give them the amenities and a kiosk to start their own little shop while also providing them with the contacts need to purchase and sell more goods.



Our mission is to give back to the widows of Sierra Leone and provide them with a way to not only take care of themselves but also provide for their families and be a real asset to the village.

By helping them open a shop and providing them with the skills needed to keep the shop running they can finally provide and look after their family while helping the village providing essential foods, spices and toiletries at a brilliant price.



We have created multiple kiosk projects across Sierra Leone and even with this project being one of our more recent projects it has quickly become one of our more successful projects and benefits the whole village massively.


What We Do

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