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Karimay Hajjalie


Karimay Hajallie has over 18 years of Human Resources expertise garnered at the UN, overseeing teams, spearheading recruitment, and delivering support to staff. Her stint as a talent manager at a local firm honed her skills in maximising employee potential and fostering high performance.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Ms. Hajallie is an ardent advocate for young people. Her passion lies in unlocking the vast potential inherent in them, believing in the transformative power that proper guidance can unleash within individuals and their wider communities.

She wears multiple hats, steering a small NGO collaborating with Christian groups to fund small enterprises while offering counselling and aid to women and youth in need. Adding to her commitments, she serves as a trustee for the Kenenye Initiative and the Richard George Foundation, actively mentoring students and recent graduates from the University of Sierra Leone.


Karimay Hajjalie
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